Engro converting dreams into reality


PRIVATE sector playing important role in socio-economic development and that too in a big way indeed deserves not only to be appreciated and acknowledged but needs to be fully facilitated enabling it to further expand their businesses that will ultimately benefit the country in so many ways especially generation of employment opportunities for our youth.
One such Company that is contributing greatly in the economic development of the country and turning dreams into reality is Engro Corporation Limited. We say so given the massive amounts of money the country’s one of the largest conglomerates has made over the decades in important sectors such as fertilizers, agri-inputs, energy and related infrastructure and consumer verticals. This is one group which has achieved many milestones and set new trends in all these important sectors. Its most recent successes especially in the energy sector indeed are the one that is helping the country ensure its energy security. Firstly it established the LNG terminal in record time and now its investment in the Thar coal project has truly helped the country realize the decades old dream of indigenous power production by benefiting from domestic coal reserves. The pumping of electricity from the first phase of Thar coal project i.e. 660 megawatt to the national grid is truly a major stride towards redefining the country’s energy landscape and secured its energy future on an indigenous, native footing which will eventually relinquish the country’s dependence on foreign fuel mix. By all standards, it is a significant achievement and great feat given that the Thar dream has been an elusive reality for millions of Pakistanis for over 27 years. As we have started exploiting the Thar coal, it will enable the country to produce cheap electricity and save hundreds of millions of dollars annually which were earlier being spent on imported fuel for power production. We expect that Engro along with its partners will further accelerate the process of exploiting the true potential of Thar coal as this will surely lead the country towards achieving the goal of self-reliance in energy and register enormous economic dividends – the benefits of which will also reach to the local communities of Tharparkar.

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