Energy boosters | By Rozina Asif


Energy boosters

IT is never a formula for success in any field of life to leave every other thing and keep your eyes, hands, mind and focus on your target, and you will get it.

No matter which profession and age of the life you belong to, you always need some energy injectors to keep you charged, happy and motivated.

It is so essential to understand and identify these energy boosters as per your need which can trigger not only positive hormones but makes you ready for the complex and challenging jobs and tasks that life throws at you.

In this identification process, you will automatically be sorting out factors that are just creating a burden or are draining your energy.

Especially when we are talking about working women with the double duty of home and workplace, men being ahead of a family struggling at different ends, and students carrying the load of expectations from everyone around must add such energy injectors as part of their life humdrum.

The human body is just a ball of energy that needs to be directed and manoeuvred to charge and keep it going.

We need to design a day in a way that, if it has some energy outflows, must also possess some energy inflows.

Me time: anything that elevates your mood must be added as a vital part of your life. It could be spending time with friends or loved ones, movie time, reading, painting, exercise, social and volunteer work etc.

All this reduces stress and restores energy, helps in better decision making, and increases creativity and better communication.

Co and extra-curricular activities in school/colleges/universities or outside school are excellent energy sources for students.

I have seen parents stopping their children from using gadgets and mobiles or scared of sending them out with friends but have never planned and suggested healthy activities for them.

All these times are equally important to identify your area of interest to explore, discover further, and satisfy your craving to know more and more.

Declutter your life: It is again essential to restore your energy and protect yourself from negative energy inflows, resulting in a happier life.

It involves physical, mental, and emotional decluttering. Anything extra occupies space in your life, and your mind is consuming a great deal of your time, energy, and effort.

It is better to identify them and detach yourself. May it be any friend, any colleague who shares negative energy or any physical item that is just occupying unnecessary space, better to remove them from your life.

You cannot change. You have to stay away from such things to have more clarity and focus.

Decluttering will also increase the feeling of confidence and ease by giving you a fresh start to pursue your goals.

No more old fears and limiting beliefs holding you back from living a life you’re dreaming about.

It involves simple steps from starting on a trim level to be more organized, identifying your feelings, and being more sensitive about your physical, mental, and emotional state of mind.

You need to be determined and alert.Extension Strategies. To keep you going and enjoying the growth, extension strategies are essential to adopt.

At times you feel like losing, falling apart, and not reaching to desire result. Here it is important not to give up.

Think and add extension strategies. It may include adding something new to an existing process, changing the method and style, prolonging the technique, change of place, making new relations, more socializing, celebrations, sharing, and so on.

These strategies increase your good time, inject good energy and make you achieve your aims more easily.

Knowing the reason for falling, researching more, and reviewing at every stage are also some of these strategies to keep you motivated and charged to take risks and achieve what you have planned.

Lucky are those who know their energy triggers and use them at the right time to enhance their confidence, mood, and achievements.

—The writer is an educationist based in Islamabad.