End to Covid curbs spurs Ramazan sales


Covid-19 restrictions have been lifted and the result is a 50-70 per cent increase in the sale of items used for worship during the month of Ramazan. Caps, rosaries (tasbeeh) and mats have been selling like hot cakes.

Philanthropists are also donating items to mosques and madrassas. However, the demand for these locally made goods is higher than imported ones due to the latter’s low prices.This was stated by Muhammad Sameer and Mursalin, two vendors selling the good told The Express Tribune. Muhammad Sameer, a man who sells mosques and madrassas mats, says business conditions have been extremely volatile during the last two years of Ramadan due to Covid-19.

He said that due to the lockdowns of the last two years, items used for namaz and taraweeh in mosques, madrassas and Imam-Bargahs were sold on a limited scale.However, after a long hiatus, the sales of the items have increased to an encouraging extent with the lifting of restrictions in Ramazan of 2022.

He added that new mats are being purchased on a large scale for mosques before the holy month. “Puchases of philanthropists and the management of mosques are making the businesses flourish.”In the month of Ramadan this year, business activities have increased by 100 per cent,” he revealed.Muhammad Sameer further told that “nylon mats have two qualities. The price of good quality mat with four feet width is Rs. 65 per feet while the second class mat is Rs.55 per feet”.

He further stated that the demand for nylon mats, prepared in Gadoon Amazai Industrial zone of K-P, took an upward trajectory this year. “Its length is about 25 feet or more and these mats are used in mosques and madrassas in low-income community’s areas.”

Muhammad Sameer continued that there were different qualities of mats being prepared in Jhang. “The price of a first class mat is Rs75 per foot and second class is Rs60 per foot. The trend of buying these mats is high.”

Muhammad Sameer said that carpet mats are laid in the inner courtyards of big mosques and imambargahs and it has a musalla with it. These carpet-shaped mats are four feet wide. These include both domestic and foreign mats and they are sold at Rs225 to 800 per square foot. “Mats of good quality are being sold for mosques located in posh areas.

Another vendor, Muhammad Mursalin, who sells prayer mat says the folding variety of hi product is sold to loved ones during the month of Ramadan. “The price of different types of mats ranges from Rs350 to Rs2,500 and above. “In general, philanthropists not only donate these to mosques, madrassas and imambargahs for the reward of their deceased, but also give them as gifts to friends and loved ones.”

Amiruddin, a shopkeeper who sells the Holy Quran, reveals that it is the recited most in the month of Ramazan. He adds that besides mosques and madrassas, the tendency to recite the Holy Quran in homes also increases.”The Holy Quran is available in the market both with simple translation and commentary (tafseer) and, in general, people tend to be more interested in the Quran with translation and interpretation.”

He adds that the sale of a set of thirty verses of the Holy Qur’an and the sale of surahs are also on the rise. “Their prices are different and at least Rs500 or more.” He states that a large number of philanthropists donate the Holy Quran to mosques and madrassas before the month.


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