ELT conference concludes in Saudi Arabia



The third and last day of the English Language Teaching (ELT) Saudi conference touched on a variety of topics to further Saudi Arabia’s success in English education.
The conference and talks were focused on educators, to help them receive tips and advice to keep up with modern and innovative methods of teaching.
In a series of sessions, the speakers tackled issues that teachers may be facing in classrooms.
Topics addressed ways of creating a more interactive environment and how to effectively use technology in a class setting.
“(This event) is significant because it helps show that Saudi Arabia is the global leader in English language education, with the largest and the most impactful conference in 2020,” said Patrick Boylan, the head of deanship support at King Abdul Aziz University (KAU).
Boylan added that the conference had gathered the widest range of experts ever assembled.
“The most important thing to remember is that it is all completely free.”
Boylan’s talk focused on the role that institutions like KAU should play in promoting the professional development of the faculty.
On the sidelines of the conference, an exhibition was set up for education innovation. The academic programs manager for Microsoft told Arab News that they were presenting devices to be used in the classroom or workplace.—AFP