Electoral reforms without political consensus to be a futile exercise: Siraj


Ameer Jamaat-e-Islami (JI) Sirajul Haq has said the electoral reforms without political consensus from all sides would a futile exercise, saying the government plan for installation of electronic voting machines (EVMs) before the election is tantamount to rig the poll through digital way.

This was stated by him while addressing the JI Majlise Shoora (executive council) meeting at Mansoora on Wednesday.

The meeting discussed the performance of the JI in Cantonment Board Election, preparations for future polls, overall political and economic situation of the country and Afghanistan, Kashmir and Palestine situations.

Sirajul Haq rejected the government proposed bill against forced conversion, domestic violence bill and other anti-religion attempts as an attack on the ideological basis of the country, warning the government to mend its way or get ready to face the protest. He also announced the JI would launch a campaign for the protection of women under Islamic laws.

He said the JI would organize country’s youth all over the country, criticizing the ruling party for deceiving the young generation in the name of “change.”

He said millions of educated youth were jobless as the prime minister failed to honor his commitment to create ten million jobs for them.

The JI chief said there was no difference between the policies of the PTI and former government.

The ruling elite, he said, burdened the country with massive loans and interest-based economy had ruined the every sector. He said the PTI failed to curb corruption and inflation, the two major problems of the country.

The JI Majlise Shoora expressed solidarity with the journalist community on their struggle for freedom of press. Siraj declared the government proposed Media Development Authority as an attack on journalism.

He appealed the people to reject the status quo parties in the election and vote for the JI to transform Pakistan into an Islamic welfare state.—INP

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