Eight shopkeepers arrested for violation of government rates


On the instructions of Commissioner Karachi Muhammad Iqbal Memon, the Deputy Commissioners have taken action against 85 shopkeepers of the city to enforce the government price of flour.

All the Deputy Commissioners of flour rate violators The report of the action against the shopkeepers has been submitted to the commissioner, according to which action has been taken against 24 shopkeepers in the southern district, 30 shopkeepers have been taken action against in the eastern district, 11 shopkeepers in the western district and 10 shopkeepers in the central and Malir districts.

A fine of two hundred and twenty thousand rupees was imposed in South District went and three persons were arrested. In the district of Sharqi, a fine of one hundred and ten thousand rupees was imposed and three persons were arrested. In the district of Malir, two shopkeepers were arrested and a fine of thirty thousand rupees was imposed.

A fine of Rs.10,000 was imposed in the middle of May. Commissioner Karachi Muhammad Iqbal Memon has directed to continue the campaign to set new prices of flour.