Eid preparations on peak despite looming threat of Covid-19

Staff Reporter

With around two weeks left in the religious festival of Eid-ul-Azha, majority of the people have started preparations for celebrating this important festival thronging city markets for shopping and looking for the sacrificial animal.

Buying sacrificial animal for the people is an uphill task this time too as majority of the people are cautious about their safety when the risks of fourth wave of Covid-19 are looming over their heads.

The citizens are thinking over adopting the best possible way of buying and sacrificing the animals either through online available shops or visiting markets with following all the precautionary measures to prevent from the coronavirus.

While a number of women can be witnessed in the main markets and shopping malls of the capital looking for dresses, shoes and other essential accessories to celebrate the upcoming festival in befitting manner.

Shaista Hamid, a mother of three children said, “I have completed shopping for my family fearing the increasing rush of people in the coming days and the risks of another wave of Covid-19 in case of increased social interactions”.

Talking to media, she said, “It is difficult to do excessive shopping during the prevailing price hike situation in the country and we have to buy a sacrificial animal too so we are focusing on buying the most essential items”.

Nausheen Akbar, a working woman who lives in a joint family system, said “Seven members of our family have gone through the coronavirus symptoms during the third wave of Covid-19 so we are more careful on this occasion”.

“We have completed our shopping for Eid through different official websites of brands and decided to perform the ritual of sacrificing animal online this time as we cannot compromise on family’s health” she said.

Waseem Khan, a government employee said although the Covid-19 has affected the businesses of many and has made me realized of the fact that my job with fix salary is a blessing for me due to which I will be able to celebrate this Eid with the same spirit.

”I have purchased the sacrificial animal through an online site and my kids are so much excited to spend a good time by taking care of the animal, decorating and feeding it “, he said.

“The citizens have been warned of the fourth wave of Covid-19 but the local markets were not complying with any of the Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) to stay safe from this virus”, Murad Ali, who lives near Karachi Company said.

“Majority of the people are thronging to the markets these days for Eid shopping and ignoring the SOPs completely which can pose serious health risks to them and others”, he said.

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