Education ministry foresee NSU as brand of excellence


Additional Secretary at the Ministry of Federal Education and Professional Training Waseem Ajmal Chaudhry said that seeing all the developments and progress in the National Skills University Islamabad (NSU) at the forefront of digital and conventional skills. He said that “learning is heartening. I witnessed all that happened over the past three years at this university. A deserted jungle has been converted into a knowledge and skills learning center having international acclaim as UNESCO/UNEVOC center for traditional and digital skills learning. Now the time is to create more opportunities for unemployed youth.”

He said that holistically, the entire Ministry and he, at a personal level, firmly believe that national prosperity lies in providing youth with employable skills.

Speaking at the cheque distribution ceremony among the Benazir Undergraduate Scholarship Project recipients, he advised students to convert this need-based scholarship to a meritorious one. Waseem Ajmal Chaudhry said these scholarships are given to deserving students based on merit. He advised the scholarship recipients to work hard to learn employable skills. He further said that today’s era is artificial intelligence, and all kinds of information are readily available; however, skills learning needs proper mentoring and practicing as exercised at the NSU.

According to Chaudhary, I have always worked for the welfare of the students. The Ministry of Federal Education and Professional Training prioritizes skills-relevant educational programs based on prevailing circumstances. Moreover, the NSU always gets exceptional support from the Ministry and allied institutions like NAVTTC. Now it is the students’ responsibility to take advantage of opportunities like this scholarship and several other upcoming initiatives and work hard to empower themselves with the 21st century skills. Appreciating the Vice-Chancellor, NSU Dr. Muhammad Mukhtar, Additional Secretary, said that under his leadership with support from the ministry, the university is flourishing. Establishment of the NSU-Muridke Campus speak for its popularity and credibility. Looking at his attachment to the university and his accomplishments, this university’s skills program will be like the best brand to be followed by others in the country and abroad.