Educated visually impaired people demand jobs



Akhunzada Fazle Haq

Dozens of visually impaired people protested in front of the press club in support of their problems.

Protesters held placards and banners with their problems written on them. The Action Committee of the Blind called on the government to address their issues on a priority basis.

According to the details, the officials of the Action Blind Committee said that the government should fulfil the promises made to us.

All educated and visually impaired people should be given jobs according to their educational qualifications.

Members of the Action Blind Committee said that all persons with disabilities, including social welfare, should be recruited on vacant quota. And the KP government should set a monthly stipend for the elderly disabled.

The speakers said that the disability bill has been stalled for 7 years and it should be passed immediately.

While the establishment of a school at the district level should be ensured. Reform the special schools of the province.

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