Economy ministry seeks ‘fair solution’ for women’s jobs at NGOs



The Ministry of Economy said on Monday that efforts are underway to allow women to work in non-governmental organizations (NGOs).

Abdul Rahman Habib, a spokesperson for the ministry, said that women will be allowed to work in NGOs that require their presence.

“Women’s working in NGOs has stopped for a while and efforts are underway to find a fair solution and allow women to work where their presence is required,” Habib said.

Meanwhile, Husna Raufi, owner of a tailoring business in Kabul, said her efforts are aimed at helping women by providing job opportunities for them.

“We established this business at least one and a half months ago where at least 10 women are working,” said Husna Raofi, head of a workshop.

Meanwhile, a number of women asked the Islamic Emirate to lift all restrictions on women in the country.

“We ask the Islamic Emirate to allow women to work and get an education. They should also remove all restrictions on women,” said Tamanna, a worker at the tailor’s shop.

“We ask the Islamic Emirate to provide job opportunities for us,” said Mursal, a worker at the shop.

Women have been banned from working in NGOs and attending universities over the past month. The decision led to the suspension of activities of many aid agencies, some of whom have resumed part of their operations in Afghanistan.—Tolo news