Eat 2020 kicks off amid severe winter winds


City Reporter
The annual Karachi Eat Festival kicked off in the port city as cold winds swept the provincial
capital, bringing pleasantly cold weather to the metropolis that is often warm throughout the
year.Foodies in the city of lights have started to come together in the ongoing chilly Karachi weather to
tantalise their taste buds at the Karachi Eat 2020. The seventh edition of the festival which will continue
till Sunday, will have numerous eateries competing with each other. Just like every year, this year will
also have many new and aspiring chefs making their debut.But what does Karachi Eat have to offer desi
food lovers this time around? Here's a look: Naans are a staple diet with almost every desi food.
However, Cloud Naan has come up with a unique take on the flatbread. At this year's festival, Cloud
Naan is set to introduce Karachi to "Incr-Edible Hulk". Go to stall 83 and tantalise your taste buds with a naan filled with green chicken tikka. Lucknow is famous for it's connection with the Nawabs, but the city
also introduced a fresh new take on kebabs. If your'e looking for some Gelawat Kabab's head to Saniya's
Kitchen at stall 36 to get a taste of Lucknow.You may have heard of nulli nehari but have you heard of
Nulli Chpli Kebab's? Stop by at stall 10 of Chapli Kebab House and get a new take on chapli kebabs. After
having so many kebabs, if your stomach is still not filled, then head over to Shaheen's Kitchenette's Fry
Kebabs at stall 6.Chaat's always come to one's mind whenever we are in mood for a light snack. But a
Taco Chaat is a fusion that must not be missed. The Social Hub at stall 11 is ready to give Karachi a fusion
of Mexico and South Asia with its Taco Chaat.Khichdi is a simple food, yet sometimes its the simplicity
that melts your heart. Stop by at stall 96 and get a taste of a Khichdi Thaal by Khichdi Express.