Early, fair polls could get country out of quagmire of trouble: Musarat


Spokesperson of the Chief Minister and Punjab Government Musarat Jamshed Cheema has tweeted that Pakistan’s development has been undermined by the imported government. The path to a developing Pakistan has been blocked.

The economic team of Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf has released a white paper on the worst economic performance of the federal government. The cabal of thieves imposed on the centre has set records of inflation and scarcity of food items for the people, she regretted.

She said that those releasing fake statistics should judge facts by the fluctuating dollar rates and advised that federal ministers, encouraging people about savings, should, instead, reduce the number of ministers in their useless government.

The money of the poor country was being spent by the rulers on personal luxuries and trips.

She said that the economic atrocities of the federal government are increasing day by day.

The looting of the cabal of thieves has weakened the roots of the country, she remarked.

The ineffective policies of Ishaq Dollar and so-called economists are fast sinking the country.

The only political solution for the country stuck in the quagmire of problems is fair elections without delay, she concluded.