Eagle squad for capital



ON the pattern of Dolphin Force in Punjab and Skating Force in Karachi, Eagle Squad has now been introduced in the federal capital to keep a strict vigilance on street crimes.

Comprising one hundred well equipped patrol bikes, Prime Minister Imran Khan launched the squad at a ceremony on Wednesday.

Indeed this is one of the most important initiatives on the part of the government to curb rising incidents of street crimes including snatching of mobiles, cash and jewellery from the citizens at gun point. Such incidents have created a sense of insecurity amongst the residents of the capital.

Since Islamabad has expanded rapidly in recent years with increase in its population, therefore, it is important that sufficient number of personnel is recruited in the Eagle Squad and that too on merit so that it could effectively discharge the duties entrusted to them.

The rural areas must not be ignored and technology such as drones be used to ensure the complete security cover.

It is a matter of satisfaction that the Force has been equipped with best training as well as the latest tools and gadgets which will ensure its quick response to any crime.

All patrol units would be observed by the GPs tracking and their posting would be based on crime and crowd concentration. The important component is that the very work of the Force will also be monitored. This certainly will help keep the force alert.

It is also for the eagle squad to earn respect for its department through its conduct and sheer professionalism.

As stated by the PM himself, the law enforcers must act against the lawbreakers regardless of their position and deal the poor with politeness to build a vibrant and progressive society.

It was the election manifesto of PM Imran Khan to bring major reforms in the police department to provide justice to the people.

Whilst Eagle Squad is a good initiative, yet a lot more needs to be done to change the traditional Thana culture so that the people could visit the police stations without any fear and are more willing to extend helping hand to the department in curbing crimes.


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