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Pandemonium in NA

It is the basic principle of democracy to respect and honour an individual’s right of dissent. This constitutional right of dissent is also an accepted norm in Islamic history.

The onus to show tolerance for dissent lies more on those in power than their political opponents.

Unfortunately, the shameful and irresponsible hooliganism and acts of violence that the people are witnessing ever since the Leader of Opposition stood up to open the debate after the presentation of the Federal Budget by our Finance Minister exposes the insanity that prevails.

The Speaker has failed in restoring order and exhibit impartially in performing his role in accordance with democratic and parliamentary traditions.

Earlier the opposition created a lot of noise and distraction when the Finance Mminister presented the budget. There must be some method in this madness.

Is this happening at someone’s behest, or it reflects upon the lack of maturity of the parliamentarians and leaders of the house and opposition.

We have witnessed similar scenes and events that took place in 2014 and what followed thereafter.

It has become a norm that whenever the Leader of the House or President addresses the NA, the opposition, irrespective of which party it is, has made it a practice to resort to slogan mongering.

But rarely have we witnessed the Majority Party and federal ministers indulge in acts of violence and create pandemonium.

Even a seasoned parliamentarian from the opposition was seen justifying abuses hurled by him as a tradition of his province. There is no such tradition in Punjab, nor in any other province.

The Leader of the House and his supporters should not expect their opponents to cater to their egoistic mindset, while they continue to be rude and abusive. What goes around, comes around.

Pollution, a constant problem

Among the great number of problems and issues, there stands a constant problem known as pollution causing enormous adverse impact to the health of the people.

In metropolitan cities like Karachi, air pollution is on its peak with the authorities paying no heed towards it.

The harmful gases and smoke from factories and vehicles contribute to the contamination leading to several respiratory diseases such as asthma etc. On the other hand, factories dumping wastes into the water adding to miseries of general masses.

The chemical wastes from factories cause water contamination leaving it unsuitable to use for drinking and cooking purposes. Contaminated water, when consumed, leads to dangerous diseases.

Government has the power and influence to enforce the law to punish the offenders involved in water and air pollution.

Companies and factories will continue polluting the water and air as long as they can profit from these.

The concerned authorities are requested to launch stern initiatives to ensure the health safety of general populace and prevent factories from causing pollution and contamination.

Absor, Turbat

Awareness campaigns

The chief ministers of various states in the country are trying their level best to stop spread of Covid-19. However, lockdowns and curfews will not help bring down number of Covid-19 patients.

It is important to raise awareness among people about the dangers of the virus. People should also be taught how the virus can spread from person to person and how dangerous it is if they do not follow SOPs and wear masks.

Mumbai, India

Fake news & vaccination

Because of hilarious theories doing rounds on social media as well as in our society regarding Covid-19 vaccination, people are totally reluctant to the efficacy of vaccination and what the government has been striving hard to disabuse the public of Covid-19 jab, engendering serious troubles for the government for the mass vaccination of 70m, a set target. As a result, only 2m have been vaccinated so far.

While the government has not succeeded as much as was anticipated to persuade people for vaccination, it keeps on trying different tactics for the people to get vaccinated like blocking SIMs and withholding the salaries of government employees etc.

Forceful vaccination of the people is somewhat strange than voluntary one being hailed overwhelmingly.

And as reports reveal, 300000 citizens did not turn out for second doze which is the sheer result of fake news circulating everywhere, and those making their minds are being discouraged by everyone.

Strange, another issue cropping up is of fake jab being administrated in remote centres for some cash, who are asked forcefully to get vaccinated.

It is high time the people get vaccinated without becoming prey to the negative propaganda against Covid-19 vaccination and not listen to the unfounded information.

We all are bound to be vaccinated; it is in our own interest, or else we will be losers!

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