DS Railways felicitates Karachi team for impressive revenue earnings


Pakistan Railways Karachi has climbed to an unmatched figure of loading 21,766 wagons during the month of March 2021 thereby generating Rs. 2 billion plus that month.

Previously, in October 2019, the department had loaded 21,470 wagons and earned Rs. 2.04 billion.

“Number of wagons loaded” is a key indicator of guaging the stock-utilization. A better stock-utilization will ensure enhanced revenue earnings and is evident of efficient loading at ports and unloading at their destinations.

Yousufwala freight service, in terms of loading and earning, remained highly impressive in March 2021.

PR loaded a sum of 5,400 wagons and earned Rs. 1.32 billion that month from Yousufwala-destined freight trains; these figures stand second to that of loading 6,165 wagons and earning Rs. 1.36 billion in month of July 2018.

Nevertheless, PR loaded an unprecedented number of 392 wagons in a day on 27 March.

While felicititating the freight team of Karachi division, divisional superintendent PR Karachi Mr. Muhammad Hanif Gul stated that the fabulous statistics of freight service during March were much in line with the incumbent railways’ minister’s vow for doubling the freight revenue soon during a press conference in Karachi on 9 January that year.

He added the new benchmarks had been set in the month of March that would be replicated alongwith seeking new heights in coming months.