Drugs worth millions expired in DHH Attock

Raza Naqvi

Medicines worth millions have expired in District Headquarters Hospital Attock reasons known to the authorities. These medicines were buried in the ground.

When contacted MS Dr. Irfan, said that it is too early to know about the cost of the medicines as inquiry is in progress to ascertain the cost and the person’s responsible for the lapse.

He said, these medicines were sent from Lahore head office to District Hospital Attock during the period 2016 to 2018 when he was not on this seat and said that Disposing of these drugs by dumping them under ground is tantamount to concealing the facts and evidence.

He added that public money was wasted in 2017. But to find out who ordered these drugs, why these drugs could not be used in their prescribed period and who is responsible for all this he said, these drugs were neither purchased nor used during his stay.

While the then pharmacist has issued a certificate stating that these drugs have been consumed and if these drugs were consumed then which drugs have been buried then.

Chief Executive Officer of Health Dr Jawad Elahi when contacted said that the issue of disposal of drugs was highlighted by media and Deputy Commissioner Attock constituted an inquiry committee to dig out the facts and said that the findings of the inquiry report will be made public.

He said, these drugs were received from Lahore head office to District Hospital Attock in 2018 which were near to expire.

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