Drought forces Kandahar Kochis to sell livestock at throw-away prices


Nomads, local known as Kochis, in southern Kandahar province say their livestock runs the risk of dying due to a drought and lack of pastures. They are selling their cattle at half prices.

Most of the nomads are living in the districts that have run-ning water. But recently they moved to areas lacking water. They are now looking for rainwater.

Takht-a-Pul is one of the dis-tricts in Kandahar that has no running water but is home to hundreds of nomads.

Mohammad Karim, a nomad living in the district, told local media: “There is no rain, all pastures are dry. As a result, we are facing starvation. Our livestock will die if the dry spell and the cold wave per-sist.”In the current circumstances, he said, they could not keep their cattle and that was why he had sold all his animals at very low prices and moved to other areas.

Allah Dad, another nomad, said he used to own hundreds of cattle heads. But now he has reduced their number to 100 because he has sold most of them.

He added the drought and animal diseases had forced him to sell his cattle at throw-away prices as they were not given medicine or fodder.

Ehsanullah, another nomad, said the drought had hit most of the provinces, so he had not moved to another area.

He recalled each of his sheep previously sold for 20,000 af-ghanis. However, now the price has come down to 14,000 afs.

Meanwhile, Director of Agri-culture Maulvi Mahmood Mazloom said they had vacci-nated and treated 68,000 animals across Kandahar.He told media the process would continue to protect the animals belonging to Kochis from diseases.

The drought in Kandahar has affected not only livestock but also agriculture. Many people have been unable to cultivate their lands.

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