Dream of constituting welfare society cannot be fulfilled without justice: CM


Chief Minister Punjab Sardar Usman Buzdar in his message on the World Social Justice Day said that the religion of Islam underlines the importance of social justice, equality and peaceful coexistence.

The Holy Prophet Hazrat Muhammad (PBUH) had given an eternal message to do justice with the humanity in every respect, he added.

“The dream of constituting welfare society cannot be fulfilled without ensuring social justice”, he underlined. “Those societies which are devoid of social justice lag behind in their race for making development”, he maintained.

“The societies in which social justice becomes extinct gets wiped out”, he emphasised.

He regretfully remarked that the Kashmiri people were facing worst human rights violations and severe conditions owing to social injustice meted out by the Indian government in Occupied Jammu and Kashmir. He denounced that India had committed murder of justice by narrowing down life span on the people of Occupied Kashmir. “Depriving the Kashmiri people of their fundamental needs smacks the worst example of social injustice”, he indignantly stated. “PTI government is the flag bearer of social justice”, he highlighted.

“The society based on justice is an inevitable pillar to ensure social and economic development of a country”, he stressed. “It is the first and foremost priorities of the government to constitute a better society along with ensuring implementation on the fundamentals of justice”, CM reiterated.

“Today we pay glowing tributes to those who sacrificed their lives in their struggle against social injustices”, Usman Buzdar concluded.


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