Dr Tariq Banuri dismissed as Higher Education Commission chairman

Dr Tariq Banuri dismissed as Higher Education Commission chairman

KARACHI – The federal government has dismissed the chairperson of the Higher Education Commission (HEC) from his post with an immediate effect.

Dr Tariq Banuri was appointed in May 2018 by former prime minister Shahid Khaqan Abbasi for a four-year term and his tenure was due to end in May next year.

Dr Banuri holds a doctorate in Economics from Harvard University and an M.A in Development Economics from Williams College. He started his career as a civil servant in Pakistan but then left to pursue a Ph.D. at Harvard and majorly served in the social and development sector abroad.

A formal notification of his dismissal issued on Friday reads ‘In terms of sub-section (5), read with sub-section (5A), of Section 6 of Higher Education Commission Ordinance, 2002, as amended vide Higher Education Commission (Amendment) Ordinance, 2021, Dr. Tariq Danuri has ceased to be the Chairperson, Higher Education Commission forthwith and is accordingly removed from the post, with immediate effect.’

There were reportedly widespread complaints against him, accusing him of running the HEC on an ad hoc basis.

Recently, the National Accountability Bureau had launched an investigation against him for corruption, irregularities, mismanagement and appointment of consultants.
A senior member of the HEC board or Executive Director will now be appointed the acting chairperson till a new chief is appointed.