Dr Laila assigned duties of Director PGR, LGH



The Post Graduate Medical Institute (PGMI), Lahore General Hospital , Principal Prof. Al-Fareed zafar has bestowed the Additional charge of Director PGR to the consultant gynecologist Dr. Laila Shafeeq. She will coordinate the matters of PGMI and students of FCPS, MS and MD in connection with administrative and curricular activities/issues. Dr. Laila Shafeeq would focus to supervise and solve students’ problems with the cooperation of administration of LGH/PGMI to ensure a smooth educational process at the Institute. After issuance of notification of her posting by Principal Prof. Dr. Al-Fareed Zafar, She assumed the charge of her new responsibilities.

Shahid Javed Barki, Founder of Barki Institute of Public Policy of Civil Net (BIPP) along with his team met Secretary Women Development Department, Government of Punjab, Sumaira Samad at her office. Founder of BIPP Shahid Javed Barki said that his organization promotes constructive discussion and analysis on policy issues through the international community, which builds on existing local and regional networks, and that his organization acts as a virtual global expert. It facilitates collaboration among experts, exchange of knowledge and constructive sharing of emerging policies.

He also expressed his views regarding the empowerment of women in Punjab. Secretary Women Development Department Punjab Sumaira Samad said that unlike women in other parts of the world, Pakistani women need to play their role in practice to improve their status in the society. In the process, they also need to educate the men of the society who need to be convinced that by keeping women backward, the country will remain backward.