Dr Javed warns of dangerous virus arrival



Staff Reporter

Vice Chancellor University of Health Sciences Professor Dr. Javed Akram has said that a potentially devastating virus has arrived in Lahore, which is extremely dangerous.

According to Dr Javed Akram, the only way to prevent this virus is to implement full SOPs and vaccinate.

It is wrong to say that the virus cannot come to Pakistan from India because the Indian virus can come to Pakistan easily through UAE.

When the virus first came to Wuhan, there was an attempt to stop the virus there, then an attempt was made to stop the virus as far as China, but the virus spread all over the world. The only solution to prevent these viruses is to implement SOPs.

Secondly do exercise as much as possible, eat fruits and vegetables because they will strengthen your immune system. While the Chinese vaccine that people are getting from the government.

You can avoid 75% of viruses, but 100% of these vaccines protect you from dangerous diseases. Dr Javed Akram warned that as many people as possible should be vaccinated, for God’s sake, stop eating fired food in Ramazan.

one is that it harms your health and the other is that when you go to the market to buy these things on return you bring virus with you.


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