Dr Jameel Jalibi’s son FIO visits NLP, presents books on his father to DG


Zubair Qureshi

Federal Insurance Ombudsman (FIO) Dr Khawar Jameel on Monday visited the National Language Promotion Department (NLPD), previously known as Muqtadra Qaumi Zaban or National Language Authority (NLA), and met its Director General Dr Rashid Hameed.
Dr Khawar Jameel’s father, an eminent writer, critic, linguist and former Vice Chancellor of the Karachi University late Dr Jameel Jalibi had served the Muqtadra Qaumi Zaban as its Chairman in 1990s for around five years.
During Dr Jalibi’s tenure, Muqtadra’s work on Urdu-English Dictionary, a number of other dictionaries and translations of some masterpieces of Urdu language & literature had earned the NLA an international acclaim wherever Urdu-speaking people lived and worked.
Dr Rashid Hameed welcomed Dr Khawar Jameel to the NLPD where his father left lasting imprints of research and academic excellence and briefed him about the functions, departments and particularly the role of the NLPD in promoting Urdu language in various disciplines.
On the occasion, Dr Khawar Jameel presented him two booklets “Dr Jameel Jalibi: Asri Agahi ka Aik Tanazir” by Ahmed Hamdani and “Dr Jameel Jalibi: Hasilaat-o-Imtiazaat” by Dr Moeen-ud-Din Aqeel.
These booklets have been published jointly by Dr Jameel Jalibi Foundation, Karachi, The University of Karachi and the Anjuman Taraqi-e-Urdu.
Dr Khawar said with the publication of these booklets, work on the publication of books and articles dedicated to Dr Jameel Jalibi regarding his contributions to Urdu language had kicked
Dr Rashid Hameed in recognition of Dr Jameel Jalibi’s contributions presented a set of the NLPD’s books to Dr Khawar and said Dr Jameel Jalibi’s legacy in the form of Urdu-English Dictionary and other dictionaries and research work would continue to inspire and guide researchers for the days to come.
For the NLPD, he said, Jalibi Sb’s works and contributions served as a great treasure and we are proud of being the custodian of his works, said Dr Rashid.

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