Dr Faisal puts record straight



PAKISTAN has responded in a very effective and straight manner to the UK government’s decision for keeping the former on its travel red list in a detailed letter written by Special Assistant on National Health Services Dr Faisal Sultan.

Highlighting UK’s explanation on why Pakistan is still on the red list, the Special Assistant addressed it with support from data on Pakistan’s Covid-19 response, testing rates, genomic surveillance and all other efforts being made by the government to tackle the pandemic and stabilize the spread of the pandemic.

Indeed retaining Pakistan on its travel Red List is a sovereign decision of British government.

However, Pakistan would not have any objections to it, had the decision been taken purely on merit while keeping the political considerations aside.

There is no denying and this has also been admitted by some British MPs that the situation in Pakistan is far better when compared with some other countries which have been promoted from Red to Amber list by the British government.

The discriminatory decision has also severely been criticized within Britain with some describing it as a callous behaviour.

As regards dealing with the pandemic is concerned, the dirty politics should not come into the play.

Dr Faisal Sultan has put the record straight by pleading his case on the basis of scientific data and making a comparison with the regional countries.

We, therefore, will ask the British government to review its decision and on the basis of data place Pakistan to Amber list.

There are thousands of British families of Pakistani origin which are currently stranded in Pakistan as most of them cannot afford spending the mandatory ten day quarantine period in hotels.

Promoting Pakistan to Amber list will help these families to spend their quarantine period in their homes instead of hotels.

We will also ask the British MPs to continue to raise voice for these stranded people until the British government makes a decision based on merit.

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