Simla Pact has no clause about the conversion of ceasefire line into LoC | By Kanwar M Dilshad


Simla Pact has no clause about the conversion of ceasefire line into LoC

REAFFIRMING Pakistan abiding commitment to the Kashmir dispute, Prime Minister again urged the international community, including the United Nations and Organisation of Islamic Cooperation, human rights organisations and the global media, to hold India accountable for killing innocent Kashmiris and denying their right to self-determination.

A number of events were arranged on 5 August 2021 in all major cities, including federal capital, and Azad Jammu Kashmir to express solidarity with the people of Indian Illegally Occupied Jammu and Kashmir in the wake of atrocities being committed by the occupation forces, especially after the abrogation of Articles 370 and 35-A.

Chief of the Army Staff emphasised that continuation of inhuman military siege, machinations to bring demographic changes and gross violation of human rights and international laws are perpetrating humanitarian and security crises in IIOJK that imperil regional security.

Resolution of Kashmir dispute as per UN resolutions and aspirations of Kashmiri people is imperative for enduring peace and stability in the region.

On 5th August 2019, the Hindu nationalist Indian government led by Narendara Modi unilaterally scrapped the special status of Indian occupied Kashmir by revoking constitution Articles 370 and 35-A and subsequently unleashing a reign of terror. Pakistan has highlighted the plight of the Kashmiris at international forums.

While the world response in this regard, generally speaking, is nothing but disappointing, a few friendly countries have raised their voices for the oppressed people of occupied Kashmir.

Pakistan’s proactive role in beginning was greatly successful in presenting the case of Kashmir before the international community.

However, with the passage of time that zeal seems to have diminished owing to domestic and regional issues.

In fact, some Muslim countries were even reluctant to call out India for its cruel actions in the disputed territory.

To Pakistan’s shock, some, fearing Indian backlash, were initially unwilling to even call a meeting of Organisation of Islamic Cooperation on issue.

In past India tried to get rid of the United Nations Military Observer Group in India and Pakistan which is mandated by the United Nations Security Council to monitor ceasefire violations along the line of control but due to Pakistan strong stand India retreated.

Pm Imran khan while speaking on Kashmir dispute should take advice from Foreign Ministry at sensitive issues.

Now to take diplomatic initiative Pakistan along with China and Russia should call an emergency meeting of the Shanghai Cooperation Organisation to address the pressing issues of Kashmir and Afghanistan.

Simla accord was signed on 14 July 1972. It’s a fact that during a temporary absence of Pakistan representative at the UNO, India tried to get the Pakistan India question deleted from the UN Security Council agenda.

India based its plea on an informal decision, dated 30 July 1996 about deleting dormant questions.

The question was deleted, but was restored once Pakistan had its representation resumed. The Simla Pact text has no clause about the conversion of the Ceasefire Line into Line of control.

The confusion that the Simla Accord had secret clauses about converting the CFL into the LoC was created by P N Dhar, former Secretary to PM Indira Gandhi.

India accepted Kashmir to be a disputed territory and Pakistan a party to the dispute, that the UNSC resolution had not been nullified. Pakistan Foreign Ministry should restore the ceasefire line forth with.

—The writer is former Federal Secretary Election Commission of Pakistan and currently Chairman National Democratic Foundation.

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