Dr Azra opposes Pakistan Medical Commission law


Sindh Health Minister Dr Azra Fazal Pechuho has opposed Pakistan Medical Commission law, adding that it will affect human resources of medical sector in small provinces.
In a statement on Saturday, she said that the bill was passed in the parliament when most of the members were not present in the house.
The same bill was earlier struck down by the Senate of Pakistan with majority vote, health minister said.
The minister termed the bill a violation of the 18th constitutional amendment. The bill will damage the health sector human resources in small provinces, Dr Azra said.
She stated, “This clearly violates the rights for opportunities for people of smaller provinces. Private sector colleges and universities are free to set their own fee structure which opens the opportunity for the elite and moneyed to have access to professional education irrespective of merit and private institutions are here to do business. The Bill clearly states under clause 18 subsection (2) that “No student will be awarded a medical or dental degree in Pakistan who has not passed the MDCAT prior to obtaining admission in a medical or dental college in Pakistan:
Provided that such requirement shall be mandatory for all students who have enrolled in medical or dental under graduate programs in the year 2021 and thereafterI speak as concerned citizen who views the hegemony of the federation with misgiving. My concern is not only for the people of Sindh but also Balochistan which will be worse off even then Sindh and KPK.
President Dr Arif Alvi had signed the Pakistan Medical Commission Bill 2020 into law in September.
The bill is expected to help regulate the medical sector through implementation of uniform standards to ensure quality of training and educational qualifications in the field of medicine and dentistry.
Pakistan Medical Commission replaced the Pakistan Medical and Dental Council as statutory body of the medical profession after the law come into force.