Dozens of villages submerged as Malir River floods


Dozens of villages alongside the Malir River were inundated after the river began overflowing owing to heavy rains over Kirthar hills. The villages that were submerged by rainwater included Mula Essa Goth, Jam Goth, Old Thana village and Shafi Goth. Sources said that over 10,000 houses were submerged in these villages. Hundreds of villagers have to move to safer places to avoid loss of their lives while some people took shelter on rooftops. Sources said that the people living along the Malir River were even not informed about the flood. Earlier today, the Met Office had confirmed that the 36-year record of monsoon downpour was broken after the most amount of rainfall in Karachi’s PAF Faisal Base recorded up to 345 millimetres. The 36-year record had been broken after a record 345 mm downpour in Karachi’s PAF Faisal Base in the month of August which was previously recorded up to 298.4 in 1984.