Don’t want an army chief of my choice: Imran

Toshakhana reference

The PTI Chairman Imran Khan, in a televised address to the long march protesters in Lala Musa, on Saturday said that it wass beyond anyone’s imagination in a civilised society that the country’s important decisions are taken abroad and by those who have been looting the state’s wealth for the past 30 years.

Khan said that he doesn’t want to appoint an army chief of his choice, reiterating he wants the decision regarding the army chief’s appointment to be taken on merit.

Imran also addressed the allegations levelled against him of making the appointment of the army chief controversial, saying, “I never made it controversial.

“I say that the army chief should be appointed on merit. I don’t want an army chief, judge, IG or NAB head of my choice. I want the best people on the basis of merit.”

The former premier went on to allege that the country’s incumbent rulers wanted to appoint people of their choice to top posts, claiming the Islamabad IG’s appointment by PM Shehbaz was such an example. “Because he (the IG) is corrupt, he will now serve him (the PM), he will do every unlawful task given by him.”

Speaking on the defa mation suit filed by the premier against a British daily, Imran said Shehbaz was in “deep trouble”.

He further said that the PML-N president was mistaken if he could issue orders as per his will and “it will be the biggest challenge for Shehbaz Sharif” as now he has to explain the allegations leveled against him by the British publication.

Imran also urged people to participate in the long march. “This is not Imran Khan’s movement, this is your movement.


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