‘Don’t betray Sindh, if you are its sons’: Nasir Shah


“Ali Zaidi and Imran Ismail, if you are the son of Sindh then why are you betraying Sindh?” Information MinisterNasir Shah’s questioned in response to the latter’s press conference on Thursday. Nasir said if Ali Zaidi and Imran Ismail had considered themselves the son of Sindh, they would not have supported the Presidential Ordinance of the Islands. In a statement issued on Thursday , he said Sindh government showed generosity by allowing federal government to develop islands in the interest of fishermen. “Instead of welcoming the positive progress of the Sindh government, the federal government issued an inverse ordinance. Nasir Shah said for the PPP, Pakistan is first, development of the country, province and city later. He questined How is PTI, which is destroying the economic condition of the country, saying that it will develop the islands? Shah regretted that wheat-producing country is buying wheat from other countries today due to PTI’s incompetence. The first attempt of PTI is to make every issue of national interest controversial, Shah said, adding, the issue of islands could have been resolved amicably but with the issuance of the ordinance PTI made the issue controversial. He asserted that Pakistan Democratic Movement will soon rid the people of PTI.