Domestic urea production set to meet local needs


The domestic urea production is all set to meet local demand during Rabi season 2021-22.
According to the National Fertilizer Development Centre established by the Government of Pakistan, urea availability in Rabi 2021-2022 is expected to be 3,262 thousand tonnes, with domestic production of 3,087 thousand tonnes against a demand of 3,195 thousand tonnes.

With the resumption of gas supply from Sui Northern Gas Pipelines Ltd (SNGPL) to local urea manufacturing plants, including Fatima Fertilizer and Agritech, the local demand can now be easily fulfilled which will result in significant reduction of urea import, thus bringing a huge relief for import bill and balance of payments.

This bears good news not only for the farmers who are having easy access to urea fertilizer at an affordable price, but also for the nation as the wheat output is expected to cross the 26.5 million tons mark.

The national food security will be thus ensured while maintaining strategic wheat reserves as well as export stock as the government makes efforts to enhance production even in dry lands with optimum use of fertilizers.

At present, a single bag of urea costs Rs1,768 in Pakistan, saving Rs5,500 for the farmers when compared to the international market price.

where the same bag costs about Rs7,300. This translates into an annualized benefit of Rs350 billion directly to the farmers.

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