Dog bitten woman fails to get vaccine


An elderly woman bitten by rabid dogs in Lahore was failed to get the anti-rabies vaccine at various hospitals of the city, family sources said on Sunday.
Rehmat Bibi, 70, was bitten by a stray dog in Raiwind area, when she was taking back her grandson from school. She was referred to the Rural Health Centre (RHC) Raiwind after non-availability of the anti-rabies vaccine at nearby hospital.
The health centre staff also denied having the anti-rabies vaccine and referred Rehmat Bibi to Service Hospital Lahore.
The hospital staff denied her vaccination and advised her to visit other hospitals of the city to get vaccinated for dog bite treatment. Disappointed elderly woman returned her home in Raiwind without vaccination for her dog bite injury.
An alarming rise of dog-bite incidents is being reported across the country with a common complaint about scarcity of anti-rabies vaccine. The doctors advise inoculation of anti-rabies vaccine shortly after the dog bite.
A victim of a rabid dog bite likely to suffer from hydrophobia – extreme fear of water, a symptom of rabies infection in humans.