Dispute over pine nut harvest in results in 2 deaths, 3 injuries



A dispute between two families over the harvesting of pine nuts (Chilgoza) resulted in two fatalities and three injuries, according to local sources in the southeastern Afghan province of Paktia.

Authorities from the Taliban in the province have confirmed the veracity of the occurrence, which involved a conflict between two families that resulted in the deaths of two people and serious injuries to three more. According to Omar Badri, the spokesman for the Taliban chief of police in Paktia province, the tragedy took place in the Jani Khail district at around 6:00 in the morning on Saturday, September 3.

The conflict reportedly took place in the village of Dahan Khushk in the Jani Khail district of Paktia province, and according to local sources, the injured people’s conditions are disconcerting. Hospital management in the province of Paktia, however, has not yet provided any information about the conditions of the injured.

A similar incident occurred in late August in the southeast Afghan province of Khost, where a land dispute between two families led to one fatality and 10 injuries.—Agencies

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