Displaced families in Parwan ask for help


Displaced people from Panjshir, Kapisa and Laghman in Parwan expressed concern about the coming winter and the problems that they will face.

They asked the Islamic Emirate and aid organizations to help them.

“Winter is coming, coal, wood and food are necessary, and we lack them,” said Mohammad Musa, a displaced person.

“My grandchildren are sick, and we could not bring anything from Panjshir, we have nothing for winter,” said a displaced person.

Meanwhile the Refugees and Repatriation Department in Parwan said that nearly 5,000 displaced people need cash and food aid, and they will distribute winter aid.

“Most of these displaced people are from Panjshir, Kapisa and Laghman,” said Mohammad Ibrahim, head of the Refugees and Repatriation Department in Parwan.

Meanwhile, officials in Panjshir said that they will provide the way for the return of the residents of this province who have been displaced to neighboring provinces.

“We are trying to help immigrants and displaced persons via aid organizations,” said Nasratullah Malikzada, head of the Culture and Information Department in Panjshir.

According to figures of the Refugees and Repatriation Department in Parwan, among these 5,000 displaced people 700 of them are from Panjshir.

Meanwhile, More than 700 families have been displaced, due to security incidents, from Panjshir to Parwan, officials at the refugee and repatriations department of Parwan said.

The officials further said that the department is planning to provide families with cash assistance.

“748 families were displaced from Panjshir to Parwan province. They left their houses due to conflict,” said Faraidoon Noori, an official at the department.

Meanwhile, local officials of Panjshir province confirmed the arrival of the families, saying that a precise number of displaced families is not available.

Panjshir officials pledged to seek ways for the displaced families to return to their homes.

“The refugees and repatriation department is considering providing assistance with the families who sustained damages,” said Nasrullah Malekzadah, head of information and culture of Panjshir.

Bebe Begom, a 90-year-old woman, was displaced from Panjshir.

Bebe Begom, due to fighting, left her house behind. She along with her family live in a small room in Charikar city (capital of Parwan province).

“We were not allowed to take clothes, we were even not allowed to drink a cup of tea. We came to Charikar, and are staying here without food,” said Bebe Begom.

“It is one month since we left our home there (in Panjshir). My family and I brought nothing with us,” said Dilawar.

“They have beat us, saying bring the arms, you are in the resistance party, you are part of Ghani’s government,” said Mohammad Haneef.—Tolonews

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