Discrete accountability to countinue: Buzdar Underlines SOPs compliance to check surge in Covid-19 cases


Punjab Chief Minister Usman Buzdar said on Tuesday that indiscriminate accountability will continue against corrupt elements under the leadership of Prime Minister Imran Khan.
Usman Buzdar said that the opposition leadership adopted the agenda of hiding its looted resources and those delivering statements against national institutions are enemies of the country.
The CM maintained the unnatural collusion of 11 assorted parties is worthless before an honest leader like Imran Khan. The conspiracy hatched by the opposition parties against institutions has been badly failed. The opposition first tried to politicise corona and then launched a venomous harangue against state institutions, he regretted. The people are siding with the institutions and have rejected the nefarious narrative of the opposition, he stated.
The CM regretted the elements that wreaked havoc with the country are bent upon obstructing the development process through the anarchy. The opposition should shun negative politics as it is weakening the national unity, advised the CM.
He added that anti-state rhetoric exhibited a deteriorated mental state of the so-called leaders. He continued that creating chaos in the country could not be called running politics but to serve the nation with good spirits.
The Punjab chief minister said that the nationals are well-aware about the difference between truth and lie, whereas, the unnatural alliance of eleven opposition parties is worthless in front of PM Imran Khan.
Meanwhile, the number of novel coronavirus patients increasing due to neglecting the standard operating procedures (SOPs) Punjab chief minister said on Tuesday.
The active cases of coronavirus in province have increased to 2198 as 108 new infections were reported in past 24 hours, Chief Minister Usman Buzdar stated. In last 24 hours, 12 more patients of the disease died in the province and the overall death toll reached to 2310, he said.
Meanwhile, Chief Minister Usman Buzdar stated that the number of coronavirus patients was earlier dropped to a larger extent but in 20 days of October, the tally of infections and casualties have increased.
The chief minister appealed citizens to follow the precautionary measures in letter and spirit. The cooperation of citizens is necessary to avoid the second wave of the COVID-19, Buzdar said.
“It will be in the best interest of general public to continue following precautionary measures,” he said. “They should maintain social distancing for protection of their own lives,” the chief minister further said.
After a downward trend of the reported cases of coronavirus in province, the number of cases has again started surging gradually.
On the other hand, the chief minister said that the government has fixed Rs200 minimum support price of sugarcane to protect farmers’ rights as they were given Rs100/120 per maund rate of their sugarcane crop in the previous tenure.

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