Dilemma of Pakistan, declining values | By Tariq Khali


Dilemma of Pakistan, declining values

THE national security is subservient to economic security.Jinnah in 1945 had said the Muslim elite and intelligentsia is corrupt in a letter to Mr.Isphani.

Almost 85 years, it is true even today. The tragedy, ever since the death of Quaid Azam, Pakistan was hijacked by civilian bureaucracy.

The later induced military into the affairs of government during Iskandar Mirza’s Presidency.

Pakistan was made a reality by majority vote of the Muslims in CP, UP, Bihar and Muslims of South India.

Barring Sind the people of present provinces of Pakistan voted for Pakistan in 1946 elections when they felt the change of winds.

In KPK it was referendum which decided the fate. The majority of the central India Muslims decided to remain in India knowing well they will be in trouble.

Even today they are trying to prove their loyalties to the Indian government. Unfortunately, the ethnic and economic divide in Pakistan is widened due to unwise political policies, sycophant feudal mindset and above all corruption.

The image of Pakistan, after the death of the Quaid, got smeared badly. The country drifted in to a different direction.

The political polarization resulted two verticals in the society. The ethnic economic dividend the religious exploitation.

It created perpetual state of disarray and depression. The 1953Khatam Nabow at movement culminated in local martial law.

It depressed and shocked the nation in general and the youth in particular. It caused deep scars and damaged the polity of the country.

Politicians could not draft a constitution for Pakistan agreeable to all the provinces till 1956. It was a cardinal lapse on the part of politicians creating very serious political vacuum.

It resulted in the polarization in the society. The martial law imposed as result of this mayhem lasted over 10 years.

It closed the political window and created disorientation of the youth. The political stagnation, indirect elections introduced created cleavage in different segments of the population and the social fabric of society at large.

In spite of the fact lot of development work was done in Pakistan during Ayub regime to bring that province at par with the others, as at the time of partition provinces were far behind in economic and industrials development as compare to rest of India.

East Bengal was no match vis a vis West Bengal. The development, though substantial did not satisfy the population of East Pakistan due to lack of political space during Ayub regime.

The youth was particularly vocal.The1965 war further alienated the people of East Pakistan. During the war they felt left out at the mercy of the India.

This weakness was fully exploited by India. The lack of cohesiveness in the political system, the lack of political space, class struggle, the growing indifference between the different segments created a new breed of youth who were not much attached to the ideology of Pakistan.

Disoriented education, society itself fell victim to lure of greed. The fault lines emerged in the society.

This dangerous divide amongst the young created frightening fissures creating disturbances that followed culminating into 1971 fiasco.

And later off and on a new pattern of unrest emerged. Post71 era created a milieu to amass wealth at the cost of the state due political uncertainty and fear of uncertain future.

The corruption became norm. The writ of the state was getting weaker creating political vacuum. The vacuum did not remain unfilled. Inimical forces quickly seized the opportunity.

The depression, state of uncertainty and paralysis set in, allowed space for the enemy to exploit the fault lines and specially target the youth of Pakistan.

1971 was a great shock and watershed moment for the people of Pakistan and specially the youth.

They were disoriented and disappointed at the turn of events. They felt it did not spell for them a bright future due to urban rural cleavage, created due to polices of Bhutto regime of seventies.

The result was, language and ethnic riots.The concept of global village was promoted by the west in early eighties.

The era of computer and internet dawned. The youth, now aware of changing world and global opportunities ,started migration to the developed world.

They are disappointed with leadership.Mr.Bhutto did awaken the labor about their rights but failed to in still the sense of responsibility amongst them.

The productivity index of our youth fell and still did not regain.Even today Pakistani workers productivity at mere 70%. It is creating problems in getting jobs in Gulf countries.

`The disorientated population do not know what to do when everything looked bleak. Theeducationsectorbeing in total disarray, the government schools which used to be the symbol of good education and produced leadership stand deteriorated.

The space is filled by the private sector. The private school system, borrowed educational material from the West is devoid of Pakistan history, the mooring of the nation and the core values of the creation of Pakistan.

The system produced a new generation half Pakistanis and half embedded with the western values.

The students knew of western celebrities more than our past glorious legends.The corruption in now the norm.

Instead of Upholding the values of honesty, the hard work it generates search for the methods to create wealth by all means and resort to shortcuts.

It is the time, enter demon of terrorism alluring the youth with fantasy, adventure and money.

Even educated youth got sucked in blinded by false ideals, adventure and money into the army of terrorists.

Fifth Generation war planners used this milieu. They penetrated in media, education, religious schools and their leadership, teachers, education, culture, working classes and even government functionaries.

They induce, purchase and even blackmail the weakness.Control of the mind is the key that matter.

The mismanagement of the country, vertically and horizontally, offers space to subversive elements operating from abroad to penetrate the society.

The enemy penetrate in the fold of ethnic divide, religious cleavage and exploit economic situation.

It is easy for the terrorist to spread their fangs in the length and breadth of the country endangering the very existence.

In this scenario, the armed forces of Pakistan remain a solid stone In front of this mayhem, stepping forward launching military operations to eradicate this menace of terrorism, not only physically but also psychologically.

The intelligence-based operations by these forces resulted in the cleanliness of the sleeping cells of the enemy in the 5th generation to great extent.

Armed forces are enter of gravity and the target of the enemies of Pakistan. As every night has a day, the new dawn is at the anvil, the awareness that the nation must correct it course before the enemy overtake the country both from within and outside.

Is important to note the feeling of the youth, the torch bearers now.` The young man of today is frustrated and angry.

Even the children now question the parent’s curtsey social media. Amature awakening is visible which must be taken note of.

—The author, a retied Brigadier, is a decorated veteran of 1965 and 1971 wars.