Dilapidated Rawal, Murree Roads irk residents


Dilapidated Rawal and Murree roads in Rawalpindi are causing traffic jams, damaging vehicles and posing risk to commuters’ lives. Residents and travelers of the metropolitan have called upon Rawalpindi Development Authority (RDA) for the repair of the roads before further deterioration.

The two very busy roads of the city are in a pathetic sate and are causing all sorts of problems for the citizens. The roads are bumpy because of potholes and broken patches.

Arif, a frequent traveler on these two roads, said that the roads were bumpy which is one of the reasons that the traffic usually creeps along on these roads. He said that the pits and broken patches needed to be repaired for a smooth and uninterrupted flow of traffic.

Besides slow traffic, these damaged roads are also posing risk to citizens’ lives. Salman, a young motorcyclist, told APP that motorcyclists are at a higher risk when riding on these two roads.

“The cracks and bumps on these roads are almost invisible during night, and one does not see these unless one has ridden right into them causing the motorcycle to lose balance,” he said. Some of his friends were almost knocked over from their motorbikes, but fortunately none was injured. However, their bikes did require some repair afterwards.

Another important issue raised by the residents was that snatchers took advantage of broken roads as they hid near such spots where people were forced to slow down on these rough roads. This is mostly during the night time and some people have insisted to avoid using the two roads at night, or to use alternate routes in order to avoid any trouble if one has to move at all.

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