Faiza Aslam

“Digitalisation” and “digitisation” are two distinct but closely related terms, which were used in the context of computers in mid 1950s. In that era, people were not aware of homosapien’s future addiction to it. Digitisation refers to conversion of analogue data into digital form. In contrast digitalisation is “the adoption/increase in use of digital or computer technology by an organization.
Digitalisation is now overruling the manual networking. Now-a-days people are getting far away of doing calls or texts from any network services because they have turned into free internet calls and texts. Such transformation of people consumption from company’s customer services to internet services, which give more applications, is increasing day by day. The concept of “survival of fittest” is changing to “the survival of one who has ability to change”. So, some orthodox types of organization need change, they should take alternative approach to stand in queue of progress.

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