Dharejo terms budget disappointing, economic murder of masses


Minister for Commerce and Industries Jam Ikramullah Dharejo has termed the budget as disappointing and economic murder of the common man.

He said that the people of Sindh were being punished for not voting for PTI which was a reprehensible act but Pakistan Peoples Party under the leadership of Chairman Bilawal Bhutto Zardari would continue its struggle for the protection of the rights of the people.

Dharejo further said that the budget presented by the federal government is a hoax of statistics while Sindh province which contributes 70 per cent of the revenue is completely neglected in the federal budget.

He added that the federal budget would bring more inflation. The prime minister should tell how a person earning Rs15,000-20,000 a month can run his house in high inflation.

Dharejo said that while the figures of government ministers are nothing but lies. The incompetent government has caused huge losses to the industrial sector through gas and electricity load shedding.

He said that the talk of promoting the industrial sector is nothing but verbosity.  The federal government has sold flour, ghee, sugar and petrol to the mafias.

He said that the prices of flour, sugar, ghee and petrol were at the mercy of the government mafia and the people were being pushed into the hell of inflation.


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