Dr Azra directs polio coverage in each district


Health Minister DrAzra Fazal Pechuchu chaired Saturday a session for polio- and corona-vaccines wherein she said the targeted polio coverage is mandatory come what may with each district ensuring they vaccinate the children indiscriminately.

All the districts need to expedite polio vaccination and all the stakeholders in this bid need have a close coordination.

Separately for the Covid vaccination drive, she said a fourth Covid wave is feared and to curb its chances to thrive we must expand our vaccination base.

Separately for the people in Karachi who have already gotten jabbed against Covid-19, it’s reportedly hard to receive their COVID-19 vaccination certificates from National Database Registration Authority (NADRA).

Vaccination across Karachi is underway at more than 50 centers, but the citizens have revealed that they are facing problems in getting the COVID-19 vaccination certificates.

On the other hand, the data entry officers at the vaccination centers said that there are three phases for the COVID-19 vaccination and the citizens who are skipping the registration process are facing problems.


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