Dharejo slams petroleum price hike



City Reporter

Increasing the price of petroleum products by over Rs 2, amid soaring inflation, will be akin to dro ping another bomb on citizens, said Sindh Industries and Commerce Minister Jam Ikramullah Dharejo on Saturday.

In a statement issued on the day, the provincial minister said citizens were already burdened by the rising prices of even basic commodities, yet the federal government had done nothing to resolve their problems.

“Instead, federal ministers, advisers to the prime minister and federal government spokespersons continue to lie, giving people false hopes [of betterment],” alleged Dharejo.

Turning his attention to gas and electricity load shedding, he said the problem particularly caused inconvenience to industrialists.
“And as industries continue to close down, unemployment rises simultaneously,” he remarked.

He lamented that despite being the largest producer of gas in the country, Sindh remained deprived of the commodity.

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