DHA resident harassed by man and his private guards



A resident of Defence Housing Authority (DHA) has lodged a complaint to Sindh Inspector General of Police Mushtaq Ahmed Mahar over his harassment by private guards in a Vigo van.

The complaint was sent to the provincial police chief by SH Irtiza Kazmi. He wrote that he witnessed a frightening incident at around 6:20pm on Thrusday at the intersection of Khayaban-e-Shujaat and Khayaban-e-Muhafiz in Defence Phase VI, while he was travelling with his family.

“While I was driving down Khayaban-e-Shujaat crossing khayaban-e-Shahbaz, I passed by a black Land Cruiser followed by a private guard escort vehicle, Toyota Hilux Vigo, since these vehicles were moving very slowly,” the complaint reads.

Kazmi maintained that the person in the front vehicle (black Land Cruiser) found it offensive that he had overtaken him. A few hundred metres ahead, he and his guards in Vigo intercepted him at the intersection.

“A person emerged from the black Land Cruiser with dark tinted glasses, walked towards the driving side of my car and started abusing me in English, without even considering that my wife, two teenage daughters and a toddler son were with me in the car,” the letter reads.“While his guards surrounded my vehicle and pointed their automatic weapons at me and my family.

The main person seemed furious and was alleging that I showed him the middle finger while crossing them. This is absolute nonsense and I told him that I did not do any such thing and only passed by them.”

The complainant said that after hurling threats, the man went back to his car and made a hand gesture to two of his guards who broke a window of the complainant’s car with their rifles. “My right arm also got injured in the process.

Thankfully they did not open fire or break any other windows where my children were seated.”The complainant wrote that his family, especially the children, had been terrified and traumatised by the hooliganism.

He added that due to the verbal threats and show of violence, he was also afraid of registering an FIR against the miscreants.“Whomsoever this person may be, such behaviour is intolerable in civilized societies. My wife and I have been unable to respond to our children’s questions why and what had happened. Being a law-abiding citizen of Pakistan for many years, I am confident that you will get this matter investigated professionally and swiftly,” Kazmi wrote.

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