Development plans


UNDETERRED by the failures of development plans in the past, the government is working on ‘Vision 2035’ and ‘Vision 2047’ agenda, with the Planning Commission having initiated a study aimed at drawing a roadmap for the country’s rapid socio-economic development.

Chairing a meeting on Sunday, Minister for Planning and Development Ahsan Iqbal said Pakistan’s economy requires fundamental structural changes and development of a new export-led growth paradigm.

Indeed, this is a step in the right direction to change the economic landscape of the country.

In the past also, Ahsan Iqbal led the process of formulating long-term development plans but these unfortunately failed as these were not followed by the governments that came after the PML-N.

Had these plans been implemented in letter and spirit by successive governments, we would not have been faced with the issue of deficits for the bridging of which we repeatedly have to knock at the doors of friends and international financial lending institutions.

Hence, we will suggest that the entire political leadership including the PTI should be taken on board in framing the new long-term plans.

And once the plan is formulated it should also be given constitutional cover through necessary legislation so that no future government of whosoever party could sweep it under the carpet.

Whilst focusing on health and education sectors, the short or long development plans should envisage measures aimed at significantly bolstering the exports by exploiting the full potential of productive sectors such as agriculture, industries and Information Technology.

This is the only way we can break the begging bowl and help the country stand on its own feet.


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