Designs of enemies to be foiled: Sarwar


Says policies of opposition are against interest of country

Amraiz Khan

Punjab Governor Chaudhry Sarwar on Sunday said that Prime Minister Imran Khan is the ambassador of national aspirations in Jammu and Kashmir.

“The intentions and designs of anti-Pakistan forces will not be allowed to succeed under any circumstances.”

Punjab Governor Ch Sarwar was talking to various PTI delegations including Syed Azmat Ali Shah, Coordinator for Business Community.

The Punjab governor said that dissemination based policies of opposition are against democracy and interest of the country.

“Pakistan is moving in the right direction with success which is not being digested by the opponents.”

Ch Sarwar declared that the government is working with all sectors including the business community, adding that every promise made with people in Azad Kashmir would be fulfilled.

He said that promises have been made and insha-Allah they will be fulfilled and there is no doubt that for the first time in the history of Pakistan, the federal government is bringing uniform development projects across the country.

“It is for the first, the Centre is striving to provide all basic facilities including health and education to people on equal basis across the country.

The Punjab governor said that statement of the opposition parties to destabilize the country has been rejected by the people once again, adding that time has come for the opposition to abandon the politics of stubbornness and ego and prefer national interest to personal and political interests.

“The people of Pakistan stand by the policies of Prime Minister Imran Khan and the government and we also assure the people that the provision of basic amenities to the people will be ensured.”

Ch Sarwar said that the federal and Punjab government are working for development of the weaker sections of the society.

Ch Sarwar said that the credit for saving Pakistan from economic bankruptcy goes to Prime Minister Imran Khan and his economic team. “Today, Pakistan is on the path of success in every field including economic.

The development and stability of Pakistan is not being digested by the enemies that’s why they want to destabilize Pakistan but we have thwarted their intentions and designs in the past and such elements will not be allowed to succeed in the future as well.

” The Punjab governor strongly condemned the negative propaganda of Afghan government officials against Pakistan and said that Pakistan has been at peace since day one and is making sacrifices on the frontline in the war against terror and for peace in Afghanistan.

Pakistan’s role is exemplary in all respects. The Afghan government should fulfil its responsibilities for peace instead of pointing fingers at others.


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