Depriving women of property in society | By Ghulam Yaseen Nizami


Depriving women of property in society

IT has become a tradition in our society that sisters and daughters are not given anything from the inheritance. Instead, they are persuaded not to take anything from the inheritance by threatening them, those who love the property, sometimes, brothers even deny the existence of daughters and sisters. The rights of inheritance given to women by Islam should be protected. Death is an inescapable fact that no conscious person can deny. Every human being collects wealth and resources by doing some effort to live the life of this world. The question is how to divide the movable and immovable property owned by him after his death?

Islam is the religion that first gave inheritance rights to men as well as women. Islam gives women the right to inherit, while the society is denying their rights by coercion. The Almighty has clearly explained the rules of inheritance in His word along with this: He has also explained the good news and eternal happiness for those who follow these rules and the punishment for those who do not follow these rules. The Almighty says: these are the limits appointed by Him, and whoever obeys Him and His Messenger, He will admit him to gardens under which rivers flow such people will always be in them (gardens) will remain in, and this is a great achievement. (Al-Nisaa:13)

Now the Muslim who has in his heart the greatness of the Almighty’s commandments, the answer in the hereafter and the punishment of this world and the hereafter for suppressing the rights of others, he will never turn away from these commands, rather he will obey every rightful person. His right will be fully fulfilled. The rest of the Muslims who have covered themselves with the veil of negligence and made their greed a cover and the eternal and true life of the Hereafter are not in front of them, these are the people who commit haram by embezzling the right of inheritance from their mothers or sisters.

It should be noted that just as their male children have the right to share in the inheritance of their parents, in the same way, daughters also have the right to share in it. After the death of the parents, it is an illegal and serious sin for the sons to take possession of their inheritance on their own and to deprive the sisters of their share granted to them by Islam. Therefore, it is necessary for the brothers to give the sisters their rightful share in this world, otherwise it will have to be given in the Hereafter and it will not be easy to give in the Hereafter, there are great promises on this in the Hadith. The Holy Prophet (PBUH) said: Whoever takes even a pillow-full of land as an act of oppression, on the Day of Resurrection, the same amount of land will be put around his neck as a collar. In another Hadith, the Holy Prophet (PBUH) said: Whoever cuts off the inheritance of his heir, (i.e. does not give his share), then the Almighty will cut off his inheritance of Paradise on the Day of Resurrection.

Even the worldly and religious people do not hesitate to give their share of property to women. The tradition of depriving sisters and daughters of property by giving a few pots in the name of dowry has become a part of our society. And the right of inheritance is waived to the sisters by intimidation or blackmail. This forgiveness is not done from the heart but to avoid the social boycott of brothers and other family members. If necessary, the share of sisters and daughters should be given first. Later, if they forgive or return it, it is their will.

There is a need to eliminate obsolete customs and traditions from the society and give their rights to every entitled person. Political organizations should make women’s inheritance rights part of their manifesto. Scholars should raise the voice of the rights and inheritance of their sisters and daughters from the Islamic scholars and pay their debt. It should be publicized through the media that women should be given a compulsory share of their Islamic rights of inheritance. Islamic principles are ignored in distribution of inheritance. People do not abandon customs but do not care about Islam. Dowry is a custom, so they definitely give it, but despite the obligation of inheritance, they work lazily in it.

Some men divide their wealth and property among their children and relatives in their lifetime, it is generally seen that only sons are given a share and daughters and wives are deprived, while some daughters are tempted to perform Hajj. Depriving them of their share by giving, even though these people are in good health, they have full authority to dispose of their property, but remember that this practice is against Islamic teachings and this spirit and necessity.

Please consider! Those who make false pretences regarding one of the Almighty’s commandments regarding inheritance have a strong fear of losing all their lifetime worship and other deeds; on the contrary, a harsh promise of hell has also come about such a person. The Holy Prophet (PBUH) said: Whoever cancels the inheritance from his wealth that the Almighty has appointed, Allah will cancel his inheritance from Paradise.

In the end, it is emphasised that depriving orphans, women and daughters of their share in inheritance and property is a great crime and a sin, the law is tantamount to rebellion against the Almighty. Rather, the rights of the legitimate shareholders should be handed over to them, yes! If after taking possession of his share, he wants to give some or all of it to someone, then it will be permissible for him to take it.

The writer is contributing columnist, based in Islamabad.

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