Present political plight — supportive to boots | By Nighat Leghari


Present political plight — supportive to boots

THE country conditions and political casus-belli climate have made the intelligentsia political observers and even the commoners spell bound. The vilification campaign and criticism is on high peaks towards each other. A battle between the ousted rulers and sitting emperors is in high swing. Divorcing all the ethics they are physical with each other, scolding, attacks and verbal spats have become the routine of day between the politicians. They have given up all pluralism and forbearance which are the components of Islamic system of ruling. Mutual trust and coordination have absolutely vanished in them all.

The previous regime was ousted on grounds of vendetta from many quarters of the country not for the mismanagement instead. In a catalogue of charges by the incoming regime the list is very long but baseless. Anyhow the country has entered into a very critical juncture, the poor people of Pakistan are facing multifarious problems and agonies brought by the political leaders. People have been totally deprived of better glory or peace of mind. Elections are perhaps imminent; it has brought a more havoc to the people. Processions, sit-in camps and rallies have become the task of every day. Daily routine of life and imperative activities of the people including businessmen, patients and students have been disrupted. The country is in the grip of a suffocating atmosphere.

All politicians are indulged in their own business of achieving power and prerogatives for their own interests. They are least interested in the intolerable socio-economic grievances of the common men. They all are busy to build up their own exclusive empires and to fill their exchequers with the money of the poor public. Tragic enough that knowing all the facts of those political conjurors, the insane public again and again vote for them. The fact is that these poor insane voters are purchased against large amounts of money and poor people are forced to put themselves on the market tables for their timely benefits. The political contesters are clever enough even how to purchase the mass media. The media men (not all) in a state as if to attack on each other running holding the candid cameras to capture every move of the honourable contestants. Politicians always talk about democracy which means accountability but in our country democracy is a term of mockery now.

Plato, a well know Greek philosopher and thinker says, power gives rise to all types of corruption, politics and morality have rarely been in tandem, associated or commitment, from the standpoint both categories are considered essentially separated.

Politicians have always created the causes and conditions in the country for constitutional abrogation and paved the way for the arrival of Boots which always pushed the country in a state of chaos and in a position of helplessness of the masses and prevented the progressive procedure of the country. The Holy Qur’an reads, surely, “Man is in a loosing bargain, whosoever gathers wealth and guard it, he thinks his wealth shall abide, nay he shall surely be cast into that which crushes, and what that make in comprehend, Surely He knows all hidden and open.”

—The writer is senior journalist, based in Germany.

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