Demolition drive near Chanesar Halt continues peacefully


Unlike the turbulent first day of anti-encroachment operation on Friday along the right-of-way area near Chanesar Halt, the second day appeared totally different.

Neither resort to violent means nor resistance being faced by the joint anti-encroachment squad on Saturday during their land retrieving actions.

Knowing about the certitude of operation, most of the illegal occupants vacated their settlementsĀ  before the inception of operation on the second day.

The anti-encroachment operation on an overcast second day was jointly carried out by Karachi Railways’, district administration and Rangers.

Director Property and Lands Pakistan Railways Ameer Mohammad Daudpota and Assistant Commissioner Ferozabad were present at the site of operation and personally supervised the proceedings.

As much as 40 residential units built over a cumulative area of 18,000 square feet were reduced to rubble by use of four heavy mechanised demolishing machines.

Divisional Superintendent Pakistan Railways Karachi Muhammad Hanif Gul termed the conclusion of anti-encroachment operation a major success that would act as stepping stone for further similar actions in the division.


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