PTI govt has shown record failure: Wahab



Barrister MurtazaWahab, Spokesperson of Sindh Government and Advisor to Chief Minister Sindh on Law, Environment, Climate Change, and Coastal Development, has said that PTI is not only a selected but also a failed and useless government which has set a record failure in last 11 months.

It has taken a loan of $11.9 billion which is being spent on their extravagance while in eleven months the poor people have not been given a single rupee of relief. Ask them a question about this fact and they will start to beat about the bush.

Wahab expressed these views while talking to the media on Saturday.

He further said that the people ask them where the loan taken in the last 11 months has gone.

Has any university or hospital built or any project initiated to eradicate hunger, poverty, and inflation?  If we ask the question, they get angry and take a u-turn.

They want to borrow $26.3 billion more for the next year. Then they say that they are establishing a state of Madinah. Their plan is poor eradication instead of poverty alleviation.

MurtazaWahab further said that now they want to import wheat. Their target is not the people but their ATMs. The current account deficit in a month is $632 million. When the world was closed due to Corona, they boasted of lowering the current account deficit.

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