Democracy system in Pakistan | By M Nadeem Bhatti


Democracy system in Pakistan

POLITICAL science is still believing for democratic standards to the people, by the people and for the people.

Actually, one government which reveals around the rights of citizens of a country isconsidered to be called as democratic government. The aim of above political system is to provide equality and their birth rights.

Pakistan is considered as 6th largest country according to population. But unfortunately, high illiteracy rate is not allowing Pakistan to compete with developed countries.

Due to illiteracy, people are unable to identify or know about their rights due to which, the people in previous governments have done money laundering at a massive scale which accumulates to Billions of Dollars.

Hence, the country was unable to pay all of its loans and IMF’s policies were not strictly followed. Pakistan consists of various caste systems, and political beliefs. But when a common man has to deal with so much corruption, fraud, and inflation, all his love for the political leaders converts into hatred.

As an example, onecan study the tenures of Pakistan People’s Party (2008-2013) and Pakistan Muslim League-Noon (2013-2018) when IMF built pressure due to the heavy amounts taken from the institution as a loan by these two political parties.

Politics of Pakistan is one of the systems and ideologies upon which the country was sought to be established back in year 1947 as a nation-state.

Our country is constitutionally a democratic parliamentary republic along with its political system based on an elected method of governance.

The state is considered to be one of the youngest democracies in the world. The elections held in 2008 were the initial to conclude a complete 5-year tenure in our nations’ political history.However, because of the domination of our institutions over political procedure, Pakistan has not experienced a steady consolidation of democracy over its history of 74years.

Since 1973, Pakistan is set on a journey to achieve a workable parliamentary democracy as the constitution has been so sacred that even the two dictators did not entirely abandon it but adapted it to suit their interests.

We have seen our democratic achievement when Pakistan people’s Party handed the government peacefully to PML-N in 2013 after completing their term — the first time in the history of this country.

Also, this landmark was repeated in 2018, when the same elected government was handed over to Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaaf. The ongoing encounter between the opposition and the present government has brought the country to the worst of the prevailing political culture, illustrating patterns of behavior that should have little to do with the values and norms relevant to a democratic polity.

Once a representative is chosen, there have to be integral check and balance to make sure that the representatives do not engage in self-dealing.

In our country, the representatives’ self-dealing ranges from draining off development funds, to guaranteeing the provision of Covid-19 vaccine, out of turn, to one’s entire family, when, in the first round only senior citizens are eligible to receive it.

An example of unchecked self-dealing was when representatives wanted to pass a bill in February 2020, exponentially increasing their salaries and perks, while the people suffered from a shrinking economy, unemployment, inflation, and crippling tax hikes.

To describe inner amused working spell towards nation, there is a necessity for a political party to have a spokesman who put brief, softly, and accordingly. Recently, a respected man of honors (Mr. Hassaan Khawar) has been appointed as a Special Assistant to the Chief Minister (SACM) on Information & Special Initiatives.

He has replaced Fayyazul Hassan Chohan, according to a notification issued from the Chief Minister’s Office. Mr. Hassan is a man of commitments as he is very softspoken having a decent personality. We need more sophisticated men like him so that the current government can have more protocol. Having experience of bureaucracy, he is eligible to be considered on the rank of a federal minister.

After his appointment, he tweeted: “Alhamdulillah! I have been appointed as SACM (Special Assistant to Chief Minister) Punjab on Information & Special Initiatives. I am grateful to Mr. Usman Buzdar (CM Punjab) for trusting me for this vital role to serve the nation honestly and exceptionally.”

Also, he promised that he would serve his best under Buzdar’s prime leadership to attain Prime Minister Imran Khan’s vision. Mr. Hassan know all of the manners due to which, he has made his place in everyone’s heart in a very short time.

What we are witnessing is a power struggle within the ruling elite, in which the faces are identical.

There might be some of the smaller groups who have democratic credentials but most of the alliance parties are largely family enterprises.

This progressive political culture has to be replaced or changed with an institutional and inclusive democracy which is certainly going to be a very long struggle.

So, sometimes I anticipate what is the future of democracy in Pakistan? At present, it appears to be a game of musical chairs amongone individual and two families.

A system where the country’s future is in the hands of children of owners (just like royalty), irrespective of their experience and suitability.

There is a huge potential in this country having more than 220 million population, that any individual can join politics rather than a former housewife or a pampered young man without a single day’s work experience. In comparison, in PTI’s government, leaders are selected through a well-defined political process within the political partyjust like the democracies of developed countries.

Also, their system allows only those individuals having the ability to command through their talent, skills, and experience to go up. But this government needs a proper tenure to end corruption, fraud, and illiteracy. Although, we are suffering from high-inflation, and joblessness, but the nation is stillhopeful that if PTI works honestly and die heartedly, Pakistan will again rise and shine.

—The Writer is a Senior Political Analyst & Chairman Pakistan Columnist Council Can be found at [email protected]


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