Declaration of the Fifth Session of ICYSM ‘Development of Youth and Sports for a Solidarity-based Ummah’


We, ministers and representatives of OIC Member States participating in the 5th session of the Islamic Conference of Youth and Sports Ministers held in Jeddah, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, on 8 September 2022 (12 Safar 1444H), under the theme: “Development of Youth and Sports for a Solidarity-Based Ummah”

Recalling the OIC Charter which provides for the need: “to create conducive conditions for sound upbringing of Muslim children and youth, and to inculcate in them Islamic values through education for strengthening their cultural, social, moral and ethical ideals,”

Guided by Islamic precepts and key international instruments and conventions affirming the pivotal and fundamental role of youth and sports in the development of states and societies,

Guided also by the OIC-2025 Programme of Action which “calls for youth capacity building and youth exchange programs and the improvement of strategies for youth employment, provision of quality education, entrepreneurship and vocational skills development.”

Recalling the resolutions adopted by the various sessions of the Islamic Summit Conference, in particular the 3rd Extraordinary Session (Makkah Al-Mukarramah Summit 2005) and the 14th Ordinary Islamic Summit Conference (Makkah Al-Mukarramah 2019) and the resolutions of the various session of the Council of Foreign Ministers, in particular resolution 11/43-ORG on the establishment of a youth unit in the General Secretariat, adopted by the 43rd session of the Council of Foreign Ministers in Tashkent in 2016 and resolutions of relevant sectoral meetings, in particular those of the 4th session of the Islamic Conference of Youth and Sports Ministers, held in Baku, Azerbaijan in 2018,

Affirming the importance attached by the OIC and its relevant organs and institutions to the development of youth and sports, and the responsibility of Member States to enhance youth capacity and advance their role in development to provide conditions for stability, progress and prosperity and to combat extremist and violent ideas propagated by various terrorist groups,

Affirming the role of young men and women in building for the Islamic world a brilliant future and an ummah in solidarity, characterized by dialogue, moderation, centrist approach, tolerance and respect for others,

Reiterating our commitment to implement the OIC Youth Strategy and the OIC Sports Development Strategy adopted by the OIC as the guiding documents for Member States to promote joint Islamic action in the field of youth and sports.—PR


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