DC South denies reports of green belt being removed in Clifton


The green belt near Karachi’s Teen Talwar is not being eliminated, it was confirmed Friday.

Social activist Awais Toor posted a video on Facebook a few days ago. He claimed the green belt was being removed to give way to a car showroom just behind it.

Toor accused officials of the South District Municipal Corporation of removing it for personnel gains.He said Karachi green spaces were being eliminated in connivance with DMC officials.

“The green belt is a public property and South DMC administration has no right to eliminate it in order to benefit anyone,” the activist said.

South Deputy Commissioner Irshad Sodhar denies the allegations. The greenbelt near Teen Talwar is not being eliminated for anyone, he told media.

It is the public’s property and the district administration is in the favour of making the district cleaner and greener, the official said.

South Deputy Commissioner Irshad Sodhar clarified that beautification work on the green belt has been ongoing and its carving stones are being replaced.

“There is no truth to the video on social media,” Sodhar said. “The administration is beautifying roundabouts and green belts in District South and no one is allowed to harm them.”

The beautification work on Teen Talwar green belt will be completed by the next week, said Muhammad Ahmed, the South DMC Parks Department deputy director.

“The South DMC Parks Department is changing carving stones of the green belt and installing a fountain on it,” he said.

Ahmed said Toor is a former councilor and a member of the Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf. “The video was aimed at stirring controversy despite positive work of the South DMC,” he said.