Daughter of Pakistan’s former ambassador killed in Islamabad

Daughter of former diplomat

ISLAMABAD – The 22-year-old daughter of former ambassador of Pakistan Shaukat Ali Mukadam was killed in the federal capital, police said on Tuesday. The incident happened in the F7/4 sector of Islamabad where Noor Mukadam was allegedly shot dead by suspect Zahir Jaffer, who is said to be the son of a leading businessman.

Police said that the investigation into the murder has been launched.

Reports circulating on social media claimed that Noor was killed by the accused at his house, adding that the suspect had beheaded the girl after shooting her to death.

Noor Mukadam left home & was with accused Zahir Jaffar & reportedly both were close friends for a long time. Jaffar slit the throat of the victim and murdered her.

Noor Mukadam, daughter of a former diplomat, has been beheaded in Islamabad by Zahir Jaffar.

The initial report suggests Noor Mukadam came to Zahir Jaffar’s house yesterday. She was not in contact with her father ambassador Mukadam since yesterday morning. The alleged killer is a drug addict & has psychological issues, police say.

It is being reported that the murderer’s family is trying to bribe police and a judge to allow him to flee. The family of the deceased is also being threatened.

UPDATE: Police investigation reveals Zahir Jaffer, the killer of Noor Mukadam, is a US citizen and was booked to leave Islamabad for America on a flight today. The police are treating this as proof of premeditated murder and attempted flight from justice.

Zahid Hafeez Chaudhri, Spokesperson for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs took to Twitter and expressed his deep sorrow over the incident. “Deeply saddened by the murder of the daughter of a senior colleague and former Ambassador of Pakistan. Heartfelt condolences to the bereaved family, and I hope the perpetrator of this heinous crime will be brought to justice.”

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